Perfect Shot for Wii (Colors May Vary)

Perfect Shot for Wii (Colors May Vary) Wii Remote easily slides into grip and locks into place Pistol-like grip comfortably fits in the hand and provides an ergonomic grip for extended game play sessions Trigger button allows easy access to B-button with less strain, and pinpoint accuracy The accessory pass-through port allows you to use […]


Top 10 Wii Zapper Games

Awsome Top 10 Wii Zapper Games Check Out!!!! http://steviet7.blogspot.com AND http://www.blogtv.com/People/steviet7. Video Rating: 4 / 5 Watch in High Definition! Classic Game Room HD reviews the Nintendo Wii ZAPPER gun add-on for the Wiimote to use with shooting games like House of the Dead O…


Best Wii Light Gun – The Buckshot – Perfect Wii Shotgun

Old Skool Fool shows off the best light gun to date created for the Wii. This is the Buckshot arcade style light gun accessory. Get your Buck Shot Gun here: … Source Engadet: Darren Murph: (MoproUSA facebook) http://www.facebook.com/pages/MoProUSA/448022205240306 As a Nintendo Wii owner, you’ve certainly got a smat…


Wii Add on Controllers

Wii Add on Controllers The Wii, with its innovative controllers, has revolutionized the way video games are played. The technology combines the familiarity of remote controls with the sophistication of motion sensing technology to give gaming enthusiasts realistic and fun active play experiences. The Wii Remote is a very user friendly, one handed remote control. […]


Compatible Wii MotionPlus Games

Compatible Wii MotionPlus Games Currently the best video game console providing gaming fans a new experience of game play is the Nintendo Wii. Their team and staff is doing an amazing job and games publishers like Ubi Soft or Activision also. In 2008 year Wii Fit has been one of their top games and now […]

EMS Top Gun 3 Wireless Light Gun for PC, MAME, PS2, PS3, and XBOX on ANY Display Including CRT, LCD, Plasma, HD TVs and Projectors!

EMS Prime Gun three Wireless Light Gun for Pc, MAME, PS2, PS3, and XBOX on ANY Display Like CRT, LCD, Plasma, HD TVs and Projectors! Recoil feature for life-like action! Use with HUNDREDS of games! one hundred% MAME® (A number of Arcade Machine Emulator) Compatible. Also compatible with Computer lightgun games as properly as PS2, […]

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